Pillars of Society
There are four pillars which hold up society and help in the functioning as a group. Without these institutions, the success of the group is in peril. One of the first pillars is Politics/Government. They exist to fight off others with the Government to back them. In politics, it is bestowed the right to kill, imprison, write laws, and enforce them with little to now consequence. Without the backing of the Government, it is simple for evil to gather and overpower the good. ???General Pace defends it quite clearly, invoking such out-of-fashion things as ???God??? and ???morality???. He makes the case that whether government writes a law or not, morality is still morality and God doesn??™t change his will according to who is in office.??? (Gardner 2007) Some say it is simply good banding together to keep evil from taking over.
The second pillar is Marriage/Family. Introduction of a newly Married couple or new Family is done to welcome them together. They are also taught how to function properly in society. Use whatever methods available to teach people these things, such as music, television, novels, newspaper articles, teachers, and movies. When and if corruption occurs the family has no way of ensuring the continuation of society. However, never turn the children against the parents by lying to the children and telling them their parents don??™t understand.
The third pillar is religion. Seeing that the government can only govern actions, religion governs our beliefs. Religion sets the ultimate goal, something to aspire to. It encourages us to aspire to be a go getter, and lays the pavement for the ultimate goal. By looking one might say that Religion is the pillar of all pillars and bears all to. ???Turn churches into centers of hope and change ways teaching and learning.??? (Voltron 2008) Help people understand God permits mistakes by all without condemnation. Without religious beliefs that law must be followed, government wouldn??™t exist.
The fourth and final pillar is education. People need to become more aware of the advances and benefits to them in society. Make ???Education??? a positive word by focusing on the wealth of those who will benefit from your advancement. This will also allow togetherness to seek benefits of themselves, and thus each other. Without education, it is impossible to grow and move forward around society.
When a society loosens the grip on justice, it begins to serve itself and takes on a meaning a life of its self. With the making of this peace is then removed from government which begins to serve for itself. With this in mind we begin to loss all sorts of things in society and life. Happiness is no longer the meaning of a relationship, but instead the purpose of them. Honor is served instead of serving; it tends to cause leaders to demand honor and respect. Results become rules of religions being exchanged for the realities of relationships.

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